Thank you for your interest in MORNING STAR INCORPORATED, a broad-based collaborative initiative originally founded in 2000 and newly redesigned for the purposes of corporate outreach. Should you have any questions or concerns after reading the following information, feel free to contact the person who distributed this application to you, or send an inquiry to the Executive Offices ( ofblackswans ).


Initially established as a consulting firm comprised of engineers, security personnel, and medical staff, MORNING STAR, INC. has since expanded to pursue more extensive influences in third party logistics provision and community advancement. With offices in Rhy’Din City, Trebor, and Gateway Station, MORNING STAR, INC. has most recently expanded to the city of Alauniir, where the municipal government has contracted its services indefinitely.

MORNING STAR, INC. works to provide the civilians of Alauniir the best possible provisions and resources in the industries of healthcare and defense. Eventually its services will include education, marketing consultation, and commerce, among other proposed possibilities. The parliamentary government of Alauniir, erected upon the coup d’état and seizure of the monarchy, has temporarily enlisted MSi’s expertise on a probationary period, during which time the company’s main objectives are to establish control and disseminated authority.


Alauniir is a metropolitan epicenter of flourishing culture and history. While relatively peaceful, as a harbor city off the coast of the Southern Sea, Alauniir primarily functions as an axis of trade and defense of the inland regions of the main continent of Rhy’Din. Its population is diverse, as is its geography ― with snow-peaked mountains and river tributaries to the north, the white sanded beach, bay, and harrowing cliffs to the south, and thriving hills and forests in between. Best known for its integrated architecture and amalgamation of old-world charm and modern development, Alauniir, nearly one thousand miles from Rhy’Din City, has become the burgeoning principality of the new century. As Alauniir positions to become the preeminent seat of power in Rhy’Din, its city council has turned to MORNING STAR, INC. to assist with future ventures in security, health, education, administration, and commerce. The newly appointed Executive Director, Kyokkono Hiryu, has made numerous statements concerning the latest change in the company’s business practices to suit the needs of Alauniir. Employment opportunities have increased greatly since her appointment, and MORNING STAR, INC. is actively hiring in all departments and divisions located in and around Alauniir.

(( MSi is a role-playing group structured to facilitate independent storylines to its members. In some ways a guild as it offers structure and a dice system, MSi is a different type of organization due to its expectations and mission. MSi strives to be a nurturing environment for stories and character development. While guilds either advertise the pursuit of knowledge or an effort to grow a friendly community as their main goal, MSi is a company that serves a city where conflict is standard and expected.

Furthermore, MSi does not mandate regular activity. While it would be ideal to require a minimum level of participation of its members, MSi understands the limitations of AOL role-play, the precedence of real life, and the nature of recreation. We hope that members will play at their leisure, and MSi endeavors to inspire creative stories that will keep its members interested, all the while fostering fun and excitement.

Moreover, MSi encourages its members’ players to employ as many characters as they wish. There is no restriction as to the number of characters one may play under one screen name, though there are some limitations to the number of characters a player can have in advanced positions. One must first apply with one character before pursuing the addition of one’s other characters to MSi. Your characters may also be civilians or enemies of the city instead of employees of MSi.

For more information concerning MSi’s structure and expectations, please visit our website at You may also wish to visit our message board,, which is open to all. Thank you! ))

e m p l o y m e n t     a p p l i c a t i o n

(( Please complete the following application in character; answer every question in the first person, as your character. Applications that are not completed in this fashion will be returned with a request for correction and resubmission. Information on your character’s application will be used for storylines and placement, so please be as detailed as possible. ))

1. Full Name ( as you wish it to be displayed on the company directory ) »

2. Have you ever been employed by Morning Star Incorporated? »
(( If you are a former employee/member of MSi, skip to the recruitment and signature section! We have your previous application on file. You are welcome to complete any questions, however, if that information has changed. ))

3. Species ( for example, human, vampire, elf, immortal, werewolf, etc. ) »
( Your answer will not affect your eligibility for employment. MSi is an Equal Opportunity Employer )

4. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? ( if so, please explain nature of conviction ) »

5. Have you ever served in the armed services? ( e.g. list any Knighthood titles you may possess ) »

6. Please indicate the position for which you are applying [ × ] »
[ ] Security Department
[ ] Health Department
[ ] (( Civilian ))
[ ] (( Enemy ))

(( The above two departments are the core divisions of MSi; they are similar to suborganizations except your character can only be a part of one. If you do not wish to be a part of any departments at this time, you can answer with civilian or enemy. Not sure what each division entails? Check out our website for more information! ))

7. (( If you answered with Civilian or Enemy above, please describe the nature of your character’s business in Alauniir ( e.g. barkeep, thief, teacher, child, government official, terrorist, etc. ) » ))

8. Are you authorized to work in Alauniir? Please indicate age. ( the age of legal employment is 17 )
(( Civilians and Enemies may be of any age )) »

9. Will you require a living stipend and housing? ( if so, we will supply you with living arrangements; indicate the size of residence required by listing number of residents ) »

10. Please describe your personal history as it pertains to the position for which you are applying; do you have any specific qualifications or experience? ( feel free to use this space to tell us about yourself ) »

11. Please provide photographic identification here ( this information will be utilized for the company directory ) (( Insert your character’s headshot )) »

12. (( Do you currently have a character in MSi? If so, please indicate the main character’s screen name if different than the one you are currently applying with. » ))

Who referred you? [ please do not remove ]

Dimitri White (( vociferouszeal ))

I certify that all personal and work information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that falsification of information may result in termination. Upon request, I authorize previous employers to give information regarding my employment, character, and qualifications.

Signature: ________________________

Mail completed applications to Human Resources (( anthologically ))

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